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Electric Panel Replacement Made Easy – How a Professional Does It

Lakewood Electricians Electrical Box Outside Home

An electric panel replacement is not a task for the faint-hearted or the spark-shy. In this electrifying journey, professional electricians are your guiding light! Let's unveil how they make electric panel replacement look as easy as flipping a switch.

Step 1: Assessment and planning

Before any work begins, professional Lakewood electricians assess the electrical system. This is like a doctor diagnosing a patient's condition before treatment. They carefully inspect the existing panel, check for any issues, and plan the replacement process accordingly. It is all about starting with a clear understanding of the problem.

Step 2: Safety first

Safety is paramount in any electrical work. Professionals ensure the electricity is turned off to the entire house to prevent accidents. They wear appropriate safety gear and use specialized tools to minimize risks.

Step 3: Removing the old panel

Now comes the removal of the old panel. This requires careful disconnection of all wires and components. The professional handles this precisely, like a surgeon removing a damaged organ. It is a delicate process to avoid any damage or mishaps.

Step 4: Installing the new panel

The new one is installed with the old panel out of the way. The professional connects all the wires and components meticulously, ensuring everything is in its rightful place, like in a puzzle.

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